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1980-12-04 NA HD

Superman II Streaming Vf


Superman II

Superman II
Superman II6.5/10719 users Reviews: Superman II.
Title:Superman II
Original Title:Superman II
Release: 1980-12-04
Country:United Kingdom
Language: English
Runtime: 127 min.
Genre:Action28Adventure12Fantasy14Science Fiction878

Superman II

 Production:Warner Bros.Dovemead FilmsFilm Export A.G.
 Tag Keyword:saving the worlddc comicssequelsuperherobased on comicloss of virginitycriminalsuper powersphantom zonerocket fired grenadecrystal machinesuperhuman strengthduringcreditsstinger
 Alternative Titles:
  • Superman 2
  • Superman Classic II
  • Superman 2 – A Aventura Continua
  • Superman 2
  • 슈퍼맨2

Superman II Streaming vf film complet

Superman II streaming vf gratuit : Three escaped criminals from the planet Krypton test the Man of Steel’s mettle. Led by Gen. Zod, the Kryptonians take control of the White House and partner with Lex Luthor to destroy Superman and rule the world. But Superman, who attempts to make himself human in order to get closer to Lois, realizes he has a responsibility to save the planet.

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Superman II Casting et equipage

Gene Hackman
Lex Luthor
Christopher Reeve
Superman / Clark Kent
Ned Beatty
Jackie Cooper
Perry White
Sarah Douglas
Margot Kidder
Lois Lane

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